Otorisama festival + Panasonic GF1C (20mm/1.7)

I'm recently a very pleased owner of a Panasonic GF1 micro 4/3 camera with a 20mm/1.7 lens. It's been a joy shooting with it and I've been taking it with me wherever I go now because of it's small size and DSLR capabilities. I wanted to get an Olympus Pen E-P1 at first primarily because of its looks, however because of the way Olympus handles AF (slower and hunts) I ended up with a GF1 and have no regrets. 

Below are some pictures I took at the Otorisama festival in Tokyo this week which is held at Temple of Tori (Juzaisan Chokoku-ji) in Asakusa. Here you buy lucky charm rakes from hundreds of stalls for good fortune and business. At the next year's Otorisama you'll throw away the old rake and buy a new larger one so that it brings you even better fortune than previous year. 


Webinar: MySQL Cluster Performance Tuning Best Practices (US/EMEA friendly time)

On Tuesday, November 3rd there will be a webinar on MySQL Cluster Performance Tuning.
Presenting will be Johan A. our resident MySQL Cluster expert, so this will be an excellent time to get some practical tips on tuning MySQL Cluster. I'll be also assisting the panel answering any questions you might have.


Register here.

Are you experiencing current performance bottlenecks in your high availability applications ? Are you designing a new mission-critical application and want to know how best to structure your schema and index strategy for optimal performance? Interested in how to transform your SQL into faster, more efficient queries?
Then this free web presentation is for you! You will get expert insight and learn best practices to help you identify those areas of database and application design that will give you the greatest benefits for performance when using MySQL Cluster.

We will discuss guidelines and best practices covering the following areas:


  • General Design Concepts and Guidelines
  • Schema Optimization
        - Partition by Key
  • Index Selection and Tuning
  • Basic Query Tuning
  • MySQL Cluster Parameter Tuning Guidelines
  • Tools to accelerate application development and testing



Webinar: What's new in MySQL Cluster 7.0 (APAC friendly time)

On Wednesday, August 12th there will be a webinar introducing new features in MySQL Cluster 7.0. Presenting are Andrew Morgan and Mat Keep (MySQL Cluster Product Management).
I'll be assisting the panel answering any questions you might have.  

Whether you're racing to introduce a new service, or trying to manage an avalanche of data in real time, your database has to be scalable, fast and highly available to meet ever-changing market conditions and stringent SLAs.

By attending this webinar, you will learn more about the next generation of MySQL Cluster, and how it enables you to deliver 99.999% database availability, with real time performance and linear scalability, while slashing TCO.

Boasting a range of breakthrough capabilities, MySQL Cluster 7.0 will enable you to stay ahead of your most demanding, mission-critical application requirements. Enhanced scalability delivers higher database performance with fewer nodes to simplify deployment and administration. Expanded platform support and interoperability delivers more choice in both the development and deployment of MySQL Cluster. Simplified cluster monitoring tools reduce DBA administration overhead and operational costs.

 Register for the webinar here.


Simple netstat bandwidth summary script

This is a simple script for showing the bandwidth usage on all your network interfaces using netstat. It displays the total usage per interface and an approximation of the usage per day and month.

Uptime 2 days 22:49, Sun Aug  9 15:46:25 CEST 2009 
Iface    Rx Total     Tx Total       Rx/day       Tx/day     Rx/month     Tx/month   Rx+Tx/month
             (GB)         (GB)         (MB)         (MB)         (GB)         (GB)         (GB)
lo0           .03          .03        10.86        10.86          .32          .32          .65
en1          2.48          .15       841.32        52.56        25.23         1.57        26.81



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