Otorisama festival + Panasonic GF1C (20mm/1.7)

I'm recently a very pleased owner of a Panasonic GF1 micro 4/3 camera with a 20mm/1.7 lens. It's been a joy shooting with it and I've been taking it with me wherever I go now because of it's small size and DSLR capabilities. I wanted to get an Olympus Pen E-P1 at first primarily because of its looks, however because of the way Olympus handles AF (slower and hunts) I ended up with a GF1 and have no regrets. 

Below are some pictures I took at the Otorisama festival in Tokyo this week which is held at Temple of Tori (Juzaisan Chokoku-ji) in Asakusa. Here you buy lucky charm rakes from hundreds of stalls for good fortune and business. At the next year's Otorisama you'll throw away the old rake and buy a new larger one so that it brings you even better fortune than previous year. 


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